On Your Lot 

RGB Custom Builders ~ When Experience Matters

Owning your own property means you are that much closer to your dream home.  Bring in the RGB team to assess your home site for free.  Let our thirty plus years of building new homes in the Poconos work for you!
Water & Sewer

Understanding your sites requirements for water & sewer may effect how and where you want to place your new home. This may in turn affect the size and the shape you will need for your new home. Knowing these things up front makes your new home search much more effective.

Pocono Geology

The Pocono Mountains stunning landscape is due in large part to our mountain range and the rock that it is made up of. You will want to know if your home site may require blasting, or if your site will allow placement of the home away from known rock areas.

Tree Clearing

Trees create that peaceful feeling you find in the Poconos. Your home site may require little to no tree clearing, or significant tree clearing to allow for utility lines and driveway area. Your RGB team can give you an idea of how much of your total new construction budget should be alloted for site work specific to your home site.

Land Survey

Land surveys give you a clear delination of ownership lines between you and your closest neighbor. Confirming your precise property boundries is not always required for new construction. But there may be times when obtaining a land survey is in your best interest. Your RGB team will help you decide if this is necessary for your property.