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Building a Low Maintenance Home

Finished living room with furniture

One of the greatest benefits of building a new home is easier maintenance. However, ensuring your home is easy to maintain for the long term requires careful planning during the construction phase.

That is why RGB Custom Builders recommend products that require less long term maintenance even when they cost more. We include some of these premium materials in our standard packages and others are offered as upgrades.

When building your new home, we want you to understand that many products which require less maintenance cost more initially. We want you to look at the long-term financial, maintenance, and aesthetic benefits.  Additionally, you can absorb the higher price into your mortgage and reduce yearly out-of-pocket expenses for home maintenance.

Use Roofing Materials Requiring Less Maintenance

A stronger roof means focusing not just on the part you see, but the entire roofing system. There are new asphalt shingles with double-thick tabs and weather-grade asphalt between the layers. Other roofing features you can get include algae blocking granules and shingles that reflect sunlight to lower cooling costs.

Traditional roofing materials like slate and tile (learn more about tile roofs) cost more but they last a lifetime. Then there are new roofing materials that look like tile but made from cement and fiber. Metal roofing is another option growing in popularity because the panels are strong and easy to install, and the paint if damaged, can be re-coated.

Modern Siding Eliminates Painting

Everyone loves the look of wood siding but it has to be painted and maintained every six to eight years. Vinyl siding now has a 30% market share because it’s easy to install, durable, affordable and it doesn’t need to be painted.

More traditional siding choices such as brick, stone, and stucco are more expensive but require less maintenance and have great curb-side appeal. Homeowners who want to balance cost and benefits can use brick or stone siding on the front of the house, and vinyl siding on the other sides.

Custom home front exterior with tan siding, dark green shake and pillared entrance


We wanted to tell you that we enjoy our new home more each day.  We know of others who are not nearly as satisfied with their builders, and we wanted to share some observations about building with RGB that our friends find remarkable.

When you have an environmentally sensitive piece of property and Joe Seagraves meets with you every other Sunday for a year to make sure the design makes maximum use of the views and is exactly what you want (and still complies with environmental code), before you write a single check, you realize that you were correct in deciding to work with RGB.  When you struggle with colors and Joe Brown makes recommendations that everyone subsequently finds cozy and correct, you appreciate the talent and care at RGB.  When the workmanship by Joe DiBenedetto, the custom cabinet maker, is clear to everyone, and he takes pains to reconfirm the design and makes sure it is done right and it fits beautifully, you appreciate the workmen RGB uses.  When Mary calls because she is worried that your paperwork for the warranty isn’t completed and reminds you to get it in, you appreciate the diligent staff at RGB.  When people admire the house and ask who built it, and then describe the nightmare they had with their builder, you are glad you chose RGB.  When Phil knocks at the door because Joe told him that there was still an issue with some trim, and they were waiting for the weather to get warmer, and you didn’t even know there was a problem, you are thankful you chose RGB.  And when the house wins awards for best design in new construction by the Pocono Builders Association, you again know why you chose RGB.

For these and many more reasons we recommend RGB to anyone considering construction in the Poconos, and we invite you to share this letter of recommendation to others who are still struggling with their decision.

….appreciative of the RGB’s diligence, honesty and quality and thankful we chose RGB.

— James & Joan Griffen