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Choosing a Homesite – What You Need to Consider

Street in new housing development Pond Creek

Choosing where to build your new home is among the first and most important things you need to do in your new home construction journey.  Many people feel it appropriate to seek and find their home site on their own or with a Realtor®.  While this is not a bad way to begin, before you sign on the dotted line to purchase the parcel, you really need to have your builder conduct a site visit.  There are so many variables related to a home site that will impact the total cost of your new home.  These costs may be completely acceptable to you, or they may come as a surprise.  Either way, informed decisions are always preferable to uninformed decisions.  One of the saddest things that we witness as builders is having a client come to us, all excited about building their dream home, and not realizing that they cannot afford every selection they had been dreaming of due to extensive site work they did not figure in to their new home project budget, or worse, they can’t afford to build on that site at all.  Another dismal situation is obtaining your home site, then bringing your dream home plans into the builder only to find out that because of setbacks or septic placement issues, your dream home will not fit on the lot you just purchased.

When you are looking for builders in the Poconos, be sure to bring them into your home site search before you buy.  Conscientious Pocono builders will work with your Realtor® to find you the perfect home site that will accommodate your house plan and come at a budget that is not a surprise to you.

RGB Custom Home Builders is one of those conscientious Pocono builders.  We will conduct site visits for you on any home site you are considering buying free of charge.  We will help you understand the topography of the home site and possible implications such as fill dirt, blasting, local zoning requirements, POA restrictions or requirements and the list goes on.  So bring your builder into the process early.  We hope you choose RGB Custom Home Builder for your new Pocono home!  We would love to add you to the list of our many happy customers who have made us a builder to believe in!


I must say, RGB a true quality home construction company. You can see how beautiful the craftsmanship is with every home tour and the final result of your own home, with every detail. The staff is amazing, very kind, and attentive. From the sales representative, to the designing team, down to construction department, I would highly recommend RGB for anyone wanting to build a brand new home. I love my new home!

— Sophia Bichotte-Ligonde