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Working from home? You are not alone!

Peters interior den

For many people trying to work from home during this time of uncertainty, it can be difficult transitioning from a central place of work to a home workspace. For those who commute to New York or New Jersey from the Poconos, a home office would be essential. If you think you are alone, no need to fret. YouGov conducted a survey, partnering with USA TODAY and LinkedIn. The results show that 54% of people did not have a remote work set up before the quarantine period this year, while 74% of professionals aged 18 to 74 have been working from home.

Home offices are therefore one of the many reasons to build a new home vs buying on the resale market.  Dedicated office spaces are relatively new in new home plan design, and many older resale homes do not offer it.  This essential space provides both comfort and convenience, granting you everything you need to be productive within the comfort of your own home. It offers a quiet space for people to focus on their tasks, which could be even more effective than an actual office space! With a home office, you can grab your morning coffee and get straight to work without any distractions to stop you.

Working from home can be as simple as setting your laptop on the kitchen table to turning an extra bedroom into a dedicated office space. The reality is that we all need our own space to be truly effective, tucked away from distractions that may hinder our performance. At RGB Custom Home Builders, we offer many portfolio homes which include a dedicated home office. Click here to view our portfolio homes.

Once you have your brand-new home office, here are a few ideas to make the most out of your work at home environment.

The first thing you should focus on is comfort. A spacious desk and a comfortable chair are the foundations of any workspace. Once those are in place, you can set up your desktop or laptop, and don’t be afraid to change things around to make sure that your new office is convenient for you and how you work. Make sure the lighting is good and when possible face a natural light source to remind you of the world outside. Remember to decorate the area behind your desk in an appropriate way for any video calls and meetings. Finally, it is important that you have good connection to the internet, use range extenders if needed to be sure none of your work or meetings are interrupted by a bad connection.

Once your new office is complete, then it is time to let your new office inspire you!


I think I’d need much more space to explain how awesome Joe LaCorte was throughout the entire home purchasing process. I was a first time home buyer relocating from Brooklyn. Saw one of RGB’s billboards and decided to give it a shot. The rest is history. From start to finish, Joe was very responsive, kind, and professional. He was quick to respond and will do anything to help. Highly recommended! I will recommend him to all of my friends and family. Thank you for making my first home purchasing process stress free, enjoyable, and easy. So in love with my new home!

— Jessica Cheng